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I live in Philadelphia. I am a lawyer by vocation and work for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. To go to their web page, press HERE.

I am a craftperson by avocation and spend a lot of time in my studio working with fire and power tools. You can see my lampworked beads by pressing HERE. You can see my beadwork by pressing HERE This work is a few years old. To see some newer work and Le Mutt's travel pictures, go to my Flickr site HERE

My Family

Maxwell, Me, Ken and Le Mutt

I am married to Ken Baskin who published a book called "CORPORATE DNA LEARNING FROM LIFE." Butterworth- Heinemann is the publisher and you can order it from AMAZON. Did I mention that it makes a lovely gift? Seriously, it has changed the way I look at the world. It has also been translated into Chinese. To read Ken's presentation, Social Ecosystems: A Complexity Context for Health Care Policy, press HERE.